Autumn Cherry Tree

Just when it starts to seem like the warmth of spring is a very long way off, the Autumn Cherry has a surprise in store. Delicate off-season blooms will bring a welcome hint of springtime … Read more

Okame Cherry Tree

Okame Cherry Blossoms are one of the first to bloom each spring. Just when you’ve had enough of the dreary winter, these trees produce their large, pink blooms to tell you that spring is just … Read more

Bloomerang Purple Lilac Tree

So, you love lilacs but wish for a longer blooming season. Enter the reblooming Bloomerang Purple Lilac Tree. This tree ticks all the boxes of a grand garden favorite: • It blooms twice each year: … Read more

Skip Laurel Shrub

When you’re deciding on the perfect plant that you can use to grow a hedge, you want to find something that’s fast-growing with lustrous evergreen foliage. But you also want a tough plant that can … Read more

Double Knock Out Rose

Rarely does a plant take the gardening world by storm as strongly the Knock Out Rose. In fact, it’s the American Rose Society’s ‘All-America Rose Selection’ winner. And just when growing roses couldn’t get any … Read more

Key Lime Tree

Branched variety produces tons of limes Dwarf size fits anywhere Easy to grow indoors or out Adapts to different soils and climates Pest and disease resistant Now you can make delicious Key Lime pie from … Read more

Fragrant Tea Olive Shrub

A friend of mine cherished the visits from his grandchildren, but worried that the younger ones would eventually forget about their time together. He wanted to create memories that would outlive him. He’s a big … Read more

Kwanzan Cherry Tree

Kwanzan Cherry could be the showiest of all the cherries! When other Cherry trees start to fade, the Kwanzan blossoms take over. Double blossoms make this tree the star of spring! Each blossom has double … Read more

Lavender Standard Topiary Tree

Effortless versatility and adaptability merge to make the Lavender Standard second to none. Whether you plant this simple-to-maintain Lavender in a raised garden bed or larger container on your porch, it shines with one-of-a-kind color … Read more

Meyer Lemon Tree

The Meyer Lemon Tree: it’s like having your own little supermarket, right at home. Do you love lemons but find that store-bought lemons are too tart? Try the new and improved Meyer Lemon from this … Read more