Bloomerang Purple Lilac Tree

So, you love lilacs but wish for a longer blooming season. Enter the reblooming Bloomerang Purple Lilac Tree. This tree ticks all the boxes of a grand garden favorite:

• It blooms twice each year: once in mid-May and again from July to first frost.
• It boasts a magnificent fragrance that fills the air with a jasmine-like scent.
• It’s perfect for planting near patios and beyond.

In other words, it’s the gold standard for lilac lovers. For those of us who love the blooms, fragrance and color of lilacs, the Bloomerang Purple Lilac Tree is a must-have. Though we recommend planting it near your patio, its dwarf silhouette is right at home anywhere in your landscape – its sweet scent will enchant guests, whether you’re entertaining on your porch or guiding a tour of your garden.

Best of all, the Bloomerang Purple Lilac Tree’s abundance of reblooming flowers sets it apart. You can expect major blooms in May – and a full month of fragrance to follow. In July, even more fresh florals burst forth. This enduring tree will continue to bloom until the first frost. This continual symphony of color and fragrance makes the Bloomerang Purple Lilac a standout tree that wows.

Plus, your new tree shines solo or planted in groups. The Bloomerang Purple Lilac Tree is known for its versatility: the epitome of strength in bloom, indoors or out. Since its stems can be cut for gorgeous vase arrangements, it will fill your home with the lilac’s signature perfume for months.

And its luxuriant looks are rendered more beautiful by its effortless, hassle-free care. A few planting tips: The Bloomerang Purple Lilac Tree is planted much like other lilacs. The hole for your new tree must be at least twice the size of the root ball. The root ball should be planted about an inch or two below the soil level. In heavy clay soils, the hole should be larger and amended with organics such as compost and peat moss.

Please remember that all lilacs should be lightly pruned and fertilized after blooming, not before! To encourage a strong root system, you might want to pick off the faded blooms to let the plant focus on establishing its root systems.

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