Brodiaea Queen Fabiola


1-2 ft.


Brodiaea Queen Fabiola

Also known as mountain lilies or pretty face; these beautiful flowers produce clusters of funnel shaped flowers in a wonderful shade ofbluish purple. Great for planting in rock gardens, borders and planters! They also make excellent cut flowers as they can last for a couple of weeks in a vase. They are very easy togrow great for low maintenance gardening.

Details Brodiaea Queen Fabiola

  • Not eaten by animals
  • Cutflowers
  • Blooms: May – July
  • Flower colour: blue
  • Leaf colour: Green
  • Full grown height: 25 – 50 cm
  • Full grown width: 1 – 10 cm
  • Plant location: sunny
  • Plant depth: 4 cm
  • Plant spacing: 5 cm
  • Hardiness: -15 Celsius

How to take care of Brodiaea Queen Fabiola

Plant Brodiaea Queen Fabiola in well-drained prepared soil in full sun or in flower pots, in a sunny location. You can improve heavy soil by mixing in some coarse builders sand or ground bark. Plant Brodiaea Queen Fabiola with their ‘nose’s’ upward according to the instruction on the package.

Always water well after planting to stimulate growth. For best results, as the buds materialize, add a high potash liquid feed in early spring to fertilize. Brodiaea Queen Fabiola will bloom in succession over several weeks.

After flowering allow foliage to die back naturally as this will send nutrients to Brodiaea Queen Fabiola for next year’s bloom. Please note to survive harsh winters apply a mulch (straw or newspaper) over them to avoid any frost damage.

Remove when all danger of frost has passed.