Brodie Eastern Red Cedar




A Superior Columnar Evergreen

No other tree compares to the Brodie Eastern Red Cedar… you’ll get the highly sought after qualities of the cedar in a dense, columnar evergreen.

Growing to 30-45 feet tall and only 8-10 feet wide, the Brodie fits perfectly in any space.

And it’s one of the hardiest and most tolerant trees on the market:

  • Grows anywhere – all across the U.S. and in any soil or environmental condition – cold or hot, dry or wet.
  • No diseases – as long as you don’t plant it near an apple tree, you’ll have no diseases or pests to worry about.
  • You don’t have to work – tolerance, hardiness and no diseases or pests means there’s no maintenance or upkeep.

The Brodie Eastern Red Cedar will stand tall and strong in your yard, and best of all, it will add plenty of ornamental value.

Light and feathery, dark green foliage is densely packed in the upward growing branches.

The bark features a red peeling habit, but the foliage is so compact, you’ll hardly ever see it.

This unique combination of a tall, mighty evergreen in a dense habit makes it perfect for any number of uses.

In a small yard, one or two can standout as specimens.


In larger yards, a row of several can act as a perfect hedge or screen.

Whatever way you choose to display your Brodies will definitely impress your neighbors and add value to your yard.

Planting & Care

Plant your Brodie Eastern Red Cedar in a hole twice as wide but just as deep as the root ball. There is no need to amend the soil. After planting, add a layer of mulch to help the ground retain moisture. Water deeply after planting to settle the roots.

Watering: Watering is only necessary during dry periods, especially while it is establishing.

Fertilization: You can add an organic fertilizer in the spring if you want faster growth, but it is not necessary.

Pruning: You can prune during the summer for shape and size, but it is not necessary for the health of the tree.

Pest and Diseases: No pests or diseases affect the Brodie.



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