Bubblegum Toka Plum Tree




The Best Pollinator Plum You Can Buy

If you want a healthy harvest of plums, choose the Toka Plum tree as your pollinator.

The Toka Plum tree is self-fertile and produces tons of pollen to fertilize your other plum trees…

That means you’ll get an abundant harvest of plums from every plum tree in your garden.

And you’ll enjoy delicious plums from a beautiful tree…

  • The Bubblegum Plum – sometimes called the Bubblegum Plum the Toka has a distinct, sweet bubblegum taste.
  • Captivating spring show – in spring, the vase-shaped tree is flooded with creamy, white flowers.
  • Grows anywhere – tolerant and cold-hardy, you’ll get a heavy harvest no matter where you are.

Plant it anywhere, in full sun or partial shade, and in just a few years you’ll see abundant harvests of reddish-bronze plums with a juicy, yellow flesh

You and your family will love the fresh taste of sweet and tart sugar plums in late summer and early fall.


Planting & Care

Plant your Toka Plum tree in well-draining soil in a spot that receives either full sun or partial shade. Toka plums grow best in a soil that has a 6.0-7.0 ph. Amend as necessary with compost or peat moss. Place the tree in a hole that is twice as wide, but just as deep as the root ball.

Watering: Water deeply after planting to settle the roots. You will not likely need to water your Toka Plum tree unless you live in a very dry area with little irrigation.

Fertilization: During the first few years, you can add an NPK fertilizer at the beginning of spring. However, it is not necessary to fertilize your tree once it begins to bear fruit.

Pruning: Your Toka Plum only requires a little pruning in winter to get rid of diseased and dead branches. You can also do some additional pruning to lighten the branches or maintain a vase shape, but it is not necessary.

Pests: Remove dead leaves as they fall to prevent pests. You can also use a fungicide or pesticide as needed, though you will only likely need to use a steady stream of water to get rid of mites or aphids. Proper maintenance will prevent most diseases and pests.

Harvesting: Plums are ready for harvesting when they can be easily removed from the tree with a light twist. Eat your plums fresh or store them in a cool, dry place at a temperature just above freezing.



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