Bushel and Berry Baby Cakes Blackberry




Out of 55 New Plants, Bushel and Berry™ Baby Cakes Blackberry™ ranks number 1!

Bushel and Berry™ Baby Cakes Blackberry™ was named the Best in Show at the Farwest 2016 New Varieties Showcase. Hosted by the Oregon Association of Nurseries, this berry plant outshined all other new trees, shrubs, flowers, and vines.

Brand NEW Blackberry Bush Available Now
Bushel and Berry™ Baby Cakes Blackberry™ is now available to you for the first time ever! This plant was developed by the University of Arkansas Agricultural Department to give you the best berry to grow and eat.

It was just released to the public, so here’s your chance to be one of the first people to enjoy this sweet, new blackberry bush.

No Wait: Built to Bear Fruit for You the FIRST Year!
Now you don’t have to wait until next year to delight in fresh, delicious blackberries. This blackberry variety was cultivated to produce big bunches of berries on new shoots the very first season. Don’t wait in anticipation when you can indulge in the classic blackberry flavor sooner.

More Berries for You, Double the Bounty
This blackberry bush produces fruit twice in the first year. Plant Bushel and Berry™ Baby Cakes Blackberry™ in spring and pick the first batch of berries by midsummer. In most regions, your plant will produce two fruit seasons every year—bearing fruit a second time in fall.

Plus, the berries burst forth in a beautiful display right at the top of the plant—no digging for berries. Just grab and go with Bushel and Berry™ Baby Cakes Blackberry™.

Developed to Make Blackberry Gardening Easier for You
This blackberry plant is self-pollinating and disease-resistant. You won’t have to worry about all those extra hassles of planting pollinators and researching disease treatment methods. Just plant in full sunlight, water regularly, and watch it blossom with beautiful white blooms in spring and big, juicy blackberries in summer and fall.

Limited Yard Space?  These Will Thrive in Containers!
As a dwarf plant, Bushel and Berry™ Baby Cakes Blackberry™ grows up to 4 ft. tall. And 4 ft. wide. Since it takes up less space, it’s the right size to plant in a pretty, decorative pot on your patio. City dwellers and homeowners with smaller yards need not miss out on growing blackberries with this variety.

Plus, there’s something special about cozying up next to your own blackberry bush. Sit within arm’s reach of the dark-blue berries. Take in the aroma and easily grab a handful for a delicious snack.

Pretty Addition to Your Kitchen Garden
This blackberry bush also makes a great border plant to line the edge of your fruit, vegetable, and herb garden. Its color and shape complements herbs such as Phenomenal Lavender and Tuscan Rosemary.

Create a whole edible garden just steps from your kitchen and enhance it with the amazing Bushel and Berry™ Baby Cakes Blackberry™

Planting & Care

Location: The Baby Cakes Blackberry grows best in USDA plant hardiness zones 4 to 8. The plant rarely exceeds 4 feet in height. Its small stature and thornless state make it an ideal container plant choice for a patio, porch, or balcony.


The hardy blackberry plant is self-pollinating and does not require a pollinator to set an ample crop. Frequently, the Baby Cakes Blackberry produces a mid-summer crop and then a second crop in the late summer or early fall.

Planting Instructions: Choose a planting location that provides at least eight to ten hours of sunlight per day. The Baby Cakes Blackberry grows best in neutral, well-draining soil.

Dig a hole 3X the size of the plant’s root ball and just as deep. Place the plant’s root ball into the hole. Fill the hole with soil and gently firm the soil around the roots of the Baby Cakes Blackberry to remove any air pockets.

Apply a three-inch layer of mulch such as peat moss, pine needles, bark chips, or recycled rubber chunks around the base of the plant to help keep the soil moist and prevent unwanted weed growth.

Container Growth: Choose a pot with ample drainage holes in the base to allow the water to flow away from the plant’s root system. The Baby Cakes Blackberry plant does not tolerate overly saturated roots. 1-2 pot sizes up from what the bush came in should be good to start with.

Fill the container with three inches of general purpose potting soil. Place the plant’s root ball onto the soil’s surface and gently spread out the roots. Fill the pot with potting soil. Leave a one-inch gap between the top of the soil and the rim of the pot.

Place the pot in a sunny location. If you are growing the Baby Cakes Blackberry plant indoors, place the pot in a south-facing window so it receives adequate light. Water the plant thoroughly after potting to help settle the soil and remove any air pockets.

Watering: Water the Baby Cakes Blackberry plant at least once per week, especially during the hot summer months.

Fertilizing: Apply a balanced liquid fertilizer in the early and late spring. Follow the directions on the fertilizer’s label for application instructions.

Pruning: The Baby Cakes Blackberry only produces fruit on canes that are two years old. In the winter, prune away the canes that bore fruit.

In the late spring, inspect the plant closely. Any canes that have perished during the winter months and have failed to grow foliage should be pruned away and discarded.

Pests and Disease: The Baby Cakes Blackberry is a hardy plant and suffers from no significant diseases or pests



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