Campanula carpatica White


1-2 ft.


Campanula carpatica White

Campanula carpaticawhite Clips is alovely ground covering plant with large bell blooms; if spent flowers are removedregularly it willcontinually produce flowers from June until late September.

They’re ideal for borders, pots and rockery gardens.

Details Campanula carpatica White

  • Suitable for rockery gardens
  • Covers bare spots quickly
  • Pot size: 7 cm
  • Blooms: June – September
  • Flower colour: white
  • Full grown: 2 Years
  • Full grown height: 10 – 25 cm
  • Full grown width: 10 – 25 cm
  • Plant location: sunny
  • Plant depth: 12 cm
  • Plant spacing: 30 cm
  • Hardiness: -15 Celsius

How to take care of Campanula Carpatica White

Campanula Carpatica White require moist well-drained soil (non-acidic soil). Place in an open sunny position but can tolerate partial shade. The larger border types such as the glomerata and punctate varieties are great for the border, and like full sun in a well-drained almost light alkaline soil.

Dead-head the plants after flowering by trimming them down to 1/3 of their height. Each spring apply an organic fertiliser to promote new and bushier growth. Divide clumps in autumn or spring.