Cryptomeria Globosa Nana




Nearly Maintenance-Free, Dome Shaped Shrub

A beautiful heavy-textured evergreen shrub, the Globosa Nana is as versatile as it is eye-catching. Perfect as a focal piece in an entryway or to enhance the exterior appeal of your home as a foundation plant, this lovely green shrub holds its attractive dome shape without pruning.

Not only will you be able to leave your pruning shears in the utility shed, this easy-to-maintain shrub is also drought- and deer-resistant, saving you valuable time to tend to your other landscaping needs.


Need to spruce up your patio or deck décor? The Globosa Nana can be planted in a container to add a splash of green to any outdoor living space.

The Globosa Nana also makes a great addition to any sunny landscape location. And, no need to worry about that striking green color turning brown during winter months, this hearty shrub retains its color nearly year round.



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