Cryptomeria Radicans




Stylish and chic, this unusual exotic cultivar is also known as the Japanese Cedar. It’s gaining popularity all across the country.

Robust in grow zones 5-9 and bred to develop at a fast pace, Radicans grow at an amazing rate of 3-4 feet per year. Maturing to heights of 30-40 feet with an approximate spread of under 20 feet, this tree shows off a graceful and elegant figure–tall, slender and tapering to a point.

Cryptomeria flaunts densely packed emerald green foliage that is soft and wispy, rather than the typically stiff and spiky flora of many evergreen trees. Plant near a deck or patio and sit back and enjoy the flowing foliage, when it ripples like downy fur in a gentle breeze. You can literally see where the wind starts and stops.

Don’t let the exotic beauty fool you, Cryptomeria Radicans are tough and adapt to a variety of soils and conditions, even hard compact clay. Growing in full sun to partial shade, this ruggedly mellow conifer is also quite drought tolerant once established. It is also disease resistant and practically thrives on neglect. Just plant it and you never have to think about it again.

Depending on your region, Cryptomeria’s foliage may turn from deep emerald green to a dramatic bronzy green in winter, offering year-round color and texture.

Your Cryptomeria arrives with a well developed root system, ready for rapid growth.

Planting & Care


The Cryptomeria Radican is a beautiful and hardy specimen, also commonly known as Japanese Cedar, was planted among temples and shrines in Japan. Take good care of your tree and it will reward you with incredible growth of up to 30-40 feet.

Location: Cryptomeria Radicans are tough and adapt well to a variety of soils. They will thrive with little care from zones 5 to 9 and can be grown in full sun to partial shade. A rugged evergreen, it is considerably drought tolerant once established.

Planting Instructions: A location with plenty of early morning sun will help foliage grow fuller and prevent fungus on leaves.
1) Dig a hole the same width and depth of the Cryptomeria’s root ball, ensuring that the sides of the hole are level or lower than the base of the tree where the roots begin.
2) Place the Cryptomeria in the hole and fill with the dirt you removed.
3) Insert a stake into the ground next to the tree tying the trunk to the stake to support the tree until its roots are established.
4) Water thoroughly to ensure that the soil moist. Cryptomeria require a lot of water during the summer months.
5) Mist the leaves for two to three days after every pruning session to prevent the tree from going into stress and losing needles.

Watering: This species should get a minimum of an inch of water each week. Monitor the amount of water your Cryptomeria is receiving by placing a dish near the plant as you irrigate and adjust water amounts as necessary.

Fertilization: Prior to any new growth in the spring, apply an acidic fertilizer. Always mix and apply according to the label directions to prevent burning your tree.

Pruning: Cryptomeria grow quickly and can form very dense foliage, so it’s important to prune back any dead or diseased branches at the start of summer and continue to prune regularly through all seasons except winter. Use pruning shears as needed to ensure sunlight reaches the inner branches. You can prune back container grown Cryptomeria by up to a third to promote healthy growth in your decorative pot.

Pests: Leaf blight can occasionally affect Cryptomeria so be sure to inspect regularly. You can spot this condition if the foliage is turning brown and it is not caused as a result of wind damage. To control this problem, spray with a fungicide formulated to prevent and control leaf blight and leaf spot. Spider mites can also be present. For these pests, simply spray the tree with an insecticidal soap.

*If you notice your Cryptomeria beginning to drop needles, spray the tree several times throughout the day with a spray bottle or a garden hose.
*Cryptomeria’s short spread is well suited for tight planting areas.



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