Eversweet Pomegranate Tree


2-3 ft.



Sweet, Delicious Fruit for California

Why Eversweet Pomegranate Trees?

Imagine the promise of super sweet yet healthful fruit, right from your backyard, and grown with ease – with the Eversweet Pomegranate Tree, it’s possible. Plus, the Poms this plant produces are virtually seedless…and even its immature Pomegranates are deliciously sweet.

Even better? It’s easy to grow, especially since it’s bred in California for your California landscape. The Eversweet Pomegranate is self-fertile in an 8 to 10-foot (sometimes 12-foot) arching silhouette, which can thrive as a shrub or manageable tree. And since it adapts well to both coastal and inland areas, it’s an ideal pick for both beginner and master gardeners.

Planting & Care

1. Planting: First, ensure you choose a location with a lot of sun (6 to 8 hours of sunlight each day) to nurture your Eversweet Pomegranate Tree. After choosing your location, planting is simple: The Eversweet Pom is adaptable to different soil types, providing there is good drainage.

To plant your Eversweet, dig a hole deep enough to cover its root ball. After placing your plant (and loosening its roots so that it grows well), tamp down the soil several times while backfilling, and then water to complete the process.


2. Watering: Water your Eversweet Pom around once every week, and in the warmer seasons, provide a little more moisture if necessary. If you’re not sure when to water, it’s better to provide small amounts of water more frequently (approximately twice or three times weekly).

3. Pruning: Prune your Eversweet Tree after its first growing season, before new growth emerges in the spring. Dead, weak or undesirable branches should be removed.

4. Fertilizing: In the second year of your Eversweet’s growth, apply 2 ounces of nitrogen-based formula in the spring and then an additional ounce each following year to supplement the tree’s growth. When it’s about five years old, apply 6 to 8 ounces of this same formula in the late winter before leaves begin to emerge.

5. Harvesting: Once the trees have reached the age of maturity to fruit, the Eversweet Poms will ripen about 6 to 7 months after flowering, generally resulting in ready-to-harvest fruit in late summer through early fall, September to October. And when you’re ready to pick, do so when the fruit is fully ripe (deep red in color) since it does not continue to ripen post-harvest. Finally, cut the fruit from the tree when it’s ready to harvest!



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