Gold Nugget Mandarin Tree


2-3 ft.



The Golden Nugget Mandarin

The Gold Nugget mandarin is a hybrid cross between two tangerine varieties:  the Wilkling and Kincy.

The tree grows upright, reaching heights up to 12’, and can get just as wide when planted outside. You can even bring yours indoors and watch it grow. They make wonderful container plants that are easily managed with simple pruning.

How is the Gold Nugget Different than other Mandarins?

Most mandarins take on the typical tangerine appearance, with a small stature and orange-red peel, but Gold Nugget mandarins look more like oranges.  Named for their golden yellow-orange color and pebble-like rind, they’re closer to the size of an orange, with a circumference up to 2.5”.

The fruit has many remarkable features!

·         Seedless

·         Easy to Peel

·         Frost Tolerant

·         Disease Resistant

Perhaps the Juiciest Mandarin on Earth

Taste-testers claim that this is the sweetest, juiciest mandarin of them all.  This fruit averages a 50% juice content, so keep the paper towels handy!

Not only are they a delicious snack any time of day, they’re great for juicing.  If you enjoy making your own freshly squeezed orange juice, this is the tree to own!  Fair warning:  juice squeezed from other oranges could forever fail in comparison!

Late Ripening / Remarkably Long Season

You’ll receive an abundance of fruit during an exceptionally long harvest season.  In fact, the Gold Nugget mandarins start blooming as early asFebruary / March, with the fruit holding on to the tree through July / August.


High Demand

Commercial grocery stores typically don’t carry mandarins because of their small size, but some merchants started carrying Golden Nugget mandarins in recent years.  Perhaps you’ve experienced the irresistible, juicy fruit already!

As consumers are discovering them, stores and farmer’s markets are receiving more and more requests to carry them.  The only problem: they sell out quickly, and California growers can’t keep up with the demand.

Imagine having your own vast supply of delicious Gold Nugget mandarins when so many people are longing for them!  You’ll have a plethora of mandarins in no time with your own fast growing tree!

Planting & Care

Planting Outside

When planting your Golden Nugget mandarin outdoors, choose a location with full sun. These trees don’t do well in standing water, so make sure the soil can fully drain. If the area has poor drainage, you should create a raised bed to protect the roots from being inundated by too much water.

Your tree should be watered thoroughly once every 7 to 10 days. Rain will add to the moisture levels, so skip watering if you’ve had recent rain showers. You should not water the plant if the soil is wet within two inches from the surface level.

When planting multiple trees, they should be spaced 12’to 15’ apart. Use a balanced fertilizer and ensure that the entire root system is covered.

Planting near your home will help provide protection from frost if the temperatures dip. If you do not reside in Zone 9 or Zone 10, we recommend you plant your tree in a container and bring it inside during the winter.

Planting in a Container

Your container should be big enough to allow the Golden Nugget mandarin’s roots to spread. Putting a layer of crushed stone in the bottom of the pot will help with the drainage.  Fill your pot 1/3 full with potting soil, then add 2 inches of compost.  Water it well.

Running your heat during the winter can cause your citrus to dry out.  A humidifier can help add moisture back into the air and provide a more humid atmosphere for your plant.  If you don’t have a humidifier, you can mist your plant with water daily.



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