Jackfruit Tree


2-3 ft.



100 Pounds of Fruit Each Season

The Jackfruit is easy to spot with its unique green rind, a large, oblong shape, and softly spiked exterior. Because Jackfruits can weigh anywhere between ten to fifty pounds, they stand out against smaller tropical fruit. Once they’re spotted, they quickly sell out – people can’t get enough of this versatile, delicious fruit.

The Jackfruit Tree offers this unique fruit that’s an excellent source of nutrition,containing protein, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, iron, potassium, calcium and more to fuel your body with energy and naturally boost your immune system. Once a Jackfruit is cut open, their rich, creamy flesh can be picked away from the seeds for a fresh, juicy snack. The pulp’s taste is reminiscent of a sweet banana mixed with the tang of mango and pineapples. It’s perfect for enhancing smoothies and ice cream. The Jackfruit transitions from a shade of yellow to light green when its flesh is at the sweetest and softest point.

Whether it’s cooked in a pan or on the grill like barbecue, Jackfruit gains the texture and flavor of pulled pork, serving as a delicious meat substitute. Jackfruits are popular to use in curry, tacos, sandwiches and more.

While Jackfruit Trees are native to warm tropical climates, they also thrive indoors. If you live outside of growing zones 9 – 11, place your tree in a container and bring it indoors for the winter. Once it warms up again, place your tree back outdoors to soak up some rays.

Their glossy, wide and flat tropical leaves will add bursts of color to your favorite room. Plus, the Jackfruit’s beauty only intensifies when it grows large green blooms each spring before it produces it’s unique namesake fruit. Jackfruit Trees are tough and low maintenance – place them by a sizable, sun-soaked window and give them a little water to thrive. They’ll produce a ton of healthy, savory fruit.


Planting & Care

The Jackfruit tree (or “Artocarpus heterophyllus”) is the producer of the biggest, tree grown fruit in the world. There have been some cases where this unusually exotic fruit can get to be as heavy as 80 lbs. and roughly 35 inches in length; 20 inches in diameter! A healthy, mature tree can produce anywhere from 100-200 of these gargantuan fruits per year. The Jackfruit tree is a tropical native hailing from areas of South-East Asia.  It is typically grown in zones 9-11 but can be potted and brought indoors during cold seasons for zones 4-8 (typically when temperatures start dipping to 50 degrees or lower). Reaching mature heights of 50-70 feet and 20-30 feet wide, the Jackfruit tree will perform best if planted in rich, porous soil. They love heat and humidity as they are tropical trees but will not tolerate standing water around their roots and will not produce fruit if the soil is left soggy.

Choosing a location: Find a spot where you’ll have 12 hours of full sun exposure and where water will never pool. Remember, this is native to the tropics so think lots of heat and humidity to keep these trees happy. Avoid areas where there is competing vegetation and where an old tree’s roots may have been.



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