Jane Magnolia


2-3 ft.



Long lasting, colorful blooms

Big Pink Flowers
Easy to Grow

Get a Blast of Color Every Spring
This Jane Magnolia Tree blooms in the late spring – much later than most Magnolias – providing a longer season of beautiful color.  Big purple-pink flowers are unique because they’re white on the inside, creating an interesting depth.  The Tulip-shaped blooms fill the air with a subtle pleasant scent while being surrounded by glossy green leaves for even more added beauty. You’ll look forward to watching your tree come alive each spring with unsurpassed vibrancy and color.

Successfully Grown Across the US
You’re not limited to Southern states!  While it does best in Zones 4-8, this beautiful Magnolia is a lucrative grower in any soil… no matter if it’s acidic, loamy, moist, rich, sandy, or well drained. It’s cold hardy down to -20°.  No worries about cold temperatures!  This is one tough and beautiful tree.

Attractive as a Tree or Shrub
Jane Magnolias will grow to a mature height of 10-15 ft. making them ideal as a focal point to your landscape.  They’re versatile and will function as a specimen plant, border tree, or shrub.  Plant one as an accent piece to your garden, or purchase multiple and create a beautiful row of striking color.


Planting & Care

Plant your Jane Magnolia Tree in an area that receives full to partial sunlight. Jane Magnolia Trees prefer full morning sun and afternoon shade. Plant your Jane Magnolia Trees about 5 feet apart for a privacy screen.

Jane Magnolia Trees prefer slightly acidic soil, but will adapt to your natural soil even if its sandy or heavy in clay as long as it’s draining. Keep your soil moist but not over saturated. Water your Jane Magnolia once a week during the summer. Jane Magnolia Trees will only require extra water during times of drought and extreme heat.

Lightly fertilize your Jane Magnolia in the early Spring and early Fall with a slow release acidic fertilizer. Beautiful Pink to purple blooms that are white on the inside will emerge on your Jane Magnolia every Spring.



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