Maxim Strawberry




Grow Strawberries the Size of a Peach!

The Maxim Strawberry has all the sweetness and juiciness you love, but in a strawberry 4 times the size!

Don’t let the big size fool you, you’ll still get the same amount of flavor… you just get more of it.

It’s not just the flavor and size that will impress you…

  • Grow them anywhere – in a pot, in a garden bed, or even create a strawberry patch by planting several in a row
  • Early-bloomers – your Maxim Strawberries will grow in late May/Early June… just in time for summer!
  • Fragrant spring blossoms – sweet little five-petal white flowers appear in early spring to brighten up your garden

Strawberries are easy to grow – a little care to keep the pests and birds away, and you’ll have plenty of strawberries for you and your family to enjoy.

The best part is… you can enjoy Maxim Strawberries this year!

Imagine a hot summer afternoon enjoying fresh picked strawberries and cream

These gigantic strawberries are great for making jams or using in recipes like strawberry shortcake.

If you can’t eat all your huge strawberries in the summer, don’t worry… freeze them and enjoy them well into next year.

You’ll want to impress your friends and family with these enormous strawberries that easily fill up the palm of your hand.


Planting & Care

Planting Instructions (in ground): Plant your Maxim Strawberry in a spot that receives full sun and has well-draining soil. Amend the soil with organic matter and place in a small hole as deep and wide as the root ball. Make sure not to bury the crown. If you are planting several plants, use straw or landscaping fabric to cover the ground and prevent weeds, retain moisture, and keep the strawberries from touching the soil.

Planting Instructions (in pot): Plant your Maxim Strawberry in plastic container with holes or porous container lined with plastic. You can also plant your strawberries vertically in a strawberry barrel.  Allow the plant to sit in the sun for at least 6 hours each day.

Watering: Water gently after planting to settle the roots, and then continue to water as needed to prevent the plant from drying out.

Fertilization: Add a high-nitrogen strawberry fertilizer every Spring to improve growth.

Pruning: Remove the buds from the first year growth to ensure your plant will fruit in the second year. Once it bears fruit, you no longer need to prune, except to remove yellowed leaves after the growing season.

Birds: Birds love strawberries, so be sure to use a bird deterring method such as a scarecrow, faux bird of prey statue, reflective items such as old CDs, or airy netting.

Pests: Strawberry plants attract many pests, but there are several methods to prevent and eliminate them. Planting pungent herbs like onions or garlic near your strawberries is an ideal first step. You can also manually remove the pests or simply use an organic pesticide solution.



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