Mini Lemon Tree 25 cm


25 cm



Mini Lemon Tree 25 Cm

Cold resistant Lemon Tree, fruits with bright golden fruit as large as eggs. It is highly decorative providing year round interest with it’s glossy evergreen leaves, pretty fragrant flowers and edible fruit. Flowers and fruit often appear at the same time, the fruit is high in vitamin C and can used for juices, jams, chutneys or whole fruit can be frozen and used as ice cubes for cocktails. These miniature trees are easy to care for and ideal for on a sunny windowsill indoor, they can also be moved outdoors once temperatures are above freezing. Fruit will develop over time. Decorative pot not included.

Details Mini Lemon Tree 25 cm

  • Fragrant
  • Evergreen
  • Blooms: March – May
  • Leaf colour: Green
  • Edible Fruit
  • Harvest: September – October
  • Full grown: 5 Years
  • Full grown height: 1 – 1.50 m
  • Plant location: sunny
  • Hardiness: Not hardy
  • Preferred soil: Peaty Soil

How to take care of Lemon Tree 25 Cm

Citrus trees – during spring and summer fertilize regularly with a standard liquid fertilizer. Always apply water from the top of the plant allowing the excess to drain. Never let the plant sit in water, it will cause rot.

Plants with fruit should be kept in a light place in the living room for the winter next to a bright window. Plants without fruit should be kept in a light but cool place (10°-20°C) to promote budding such as a windowsill.


This plant is cold resistant, but not frost resistant. They can be brought inside for the winter and left back out in the summer. Each spring the shrub ought to be transplanted to a larger pot, use an Azalea or heather type potting compost.

Pruning should occur during the period of dormancy or right when the new spring growth appears.