Oak Leaf Holly


2-3 ft.



The Oak Leaf, or ‘Ilex x ‘Conaf’’, holly is a new and improved red holly variety that puts its competition to shame. It’s cold hardy, and drought tolerant making it tougher than other types of hollies.

Simply plant your Oak Leaf Hollies and watch them thrive. With their low maintenance nature they’re perfect for planting in a row for a living privacy screen that doesn’t require a lot of upkeep.

Their dense foliage grows together to form a solid emerald green barrier that keeps neighbor’s wandering eyes away. It also stands up as a powerful screen that blocks strong winter winds and snow.

Along with being a versatile hedge, Oak Leaf Hollies are excellent as foundation and ornamental trees. Whether they are standing alone or in a group they radiate beauty with their pyramidal shape and their thick, glossy green oak leaf shaped leaves all year.


In the spring new Oak Leaf Holly emerges with a shade of maroon capturing everyone’s attention before they turn emerald green. Most people have never seen a unique holly such as the Oak Leaf before.

In the fall large red berries pop against the Oak Holly’s emerald green foliage, creating an alluring winter show. Pick a few branches to incorporate the red and golden, emerald green hues into your holiday décor.

The vibrant red berries attract a variety of songbirds that will nest in the foliage for shelter from harsh winter conditions, making Oak Leaf Hollies an excellent choice for bird watchers.

Oak Leaf Hollies are putting other varieties to shame with their glowing emerald foliage and they are going fast. Don’t hesitate to order yours today, before they sell out.



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